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Lord Kain

im a boy and love being a boy

1 January
what can i say. im a makeup artist, i went to Joe Blasco,im going to FIT in NY for fashion design,artist love to paint draw whatever, i love to dance and live life to the fullest..i dont know what to talk about any more. read the journal.
alternative fashion, ancient egypt, and one, androgyny, anime, anne rice, apop, apoptygma berzerk, aqua, art, assassins, bjork, blood, bois, bondage, boots, boys, boys in eyeliner, chinese food, clubbing, clubs, collars, comics, computers, conjure one, corsets, cosplay, cyberculture, cybergoth, dancing, dark, dark fantasy, darkwave, das ich, death, digital art, dir en grey, drawing, dreadlocks, dreads, dressing up, ebm, electroclash, electronic music, europop, evangelion, eyeliner, fake hair, fashion, fetish, fetishes, friends, frost, fucking, funker vogt, futuristic clothing, futuristic fashion, gackt, gas masks, gay, glam, glam rockers, glitter, goggles, goldfrapp, hair extensions, halloween, hate, i hate you, industrial, industrial music, j-rock, japan, japanese, japanese culture, kabuki, kill me, kmfdm, kung-fu movies, life, lilith, lords of acid, loud music, love, mac, make-up, makeup, malice mizer, mmorpg, mohawks, movies, necropolis, new clothes, new order, new rock, orgasms, orgy, painting, party monster, photography, piercings, placebo, plastic hair, platform boots, platform shoes, platforms, project pitchfork, quatre, razed in black, schwarz stein, sewing, sex, sexuality, shaved heads, shoes, sin, skinny puppy, sleep, sleeping, snow, spikes, suicide commando, sushi, synth, synth-pop, synthetic hair, tank girl, tattoos, the dark crystal, tokyo, tricky, underworld, velvet acid christ, video games, vinyl, visual kei, visual rock, vnv nation, winter, wolfsheim, wolfshiem, wumpscut, xbox, yaoi